new single
"oh my"
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sincerely craig



FILMED IN Vancouver, BC 


The first thing to strike you about this release from Sincerely Craig is the crisp and intimate finish of the recording. The simple strum of an acoustic guitar sounds relevantly blissful, contrasting the gritty vocals that follow. Once involved, the simple emotion and rising intensity of “Oh My” and the music surrounds you in the way that any effective and addictive song dealing with the deepest of human emotions should do. It captivates for its realness, the leading vocals from both Sasha and David have a genuinely passionate sound, not to mention a flawless ability to carry those varying notes with style and certainty. The song begins softly and emerges with power, unlike some of the most commonly played indie-rock songs of recent years. “Oh My” has been considerately crafted, and this shows in the structure and evolution of it all. Not simply moving from a verse to a chorus, but ensuring every element involved assists the music and the emotion in that change. “Oh My” is a powerful and spectacular new song, we’re always looking forward to hearing more from Sincerely Craig!